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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do...

To be extremely honest and blunt, this is an issue that angers and stabs me through the heart.


I know that this is an extremely controversial issue according to some individuals, but when you look at the photo above, how can you agree with this kind of killing? What I want to know is how the man in the picture can sleep at night...honestly, what is your problem?

I have stated my very personal opinion, and I am going to back every word of it with the facts.

The Atlantic seal hunt takes place every year in the waters and on the ice flows of Atlantic Canada. The hunt opens usually in the month of April in the Gulf areas surrounding the Magdalen Islands, in Prince Edward Island, and of the Eastern coast of Newfoundland. The hunt lasts approximately until the beginning of May. A whole month of brutal slaughter?! Hooded seals, Harp seals and Grey seals are hunted, but the preferred catch is the Harp seal. You know those cute and cuddly baby white seals? They are also known as Whitecoat seals. Well it is ILLEGAL to hunt them. Yes. There is a law that is SUPPOSED to prevent the killing of newborn harp and blueback seals (also known as hooded seals) The reason this law was passed is because the images were so inflammatory.

Something you should also know is that baby Harp seals no longer have "white coats" after 12 to 14 days after birth. Once they lose their white coats, they become fair game for hunters, infant seal or no. Most Harp seals are killed under three months of age.

I recently watched a video on Youtube on the seal hunt with an Atlantic "Fisherman, " I guess that would be the polite term to aknowledge him, but he said, and I quote, "You've got white snow, pristine snow with blood on it and things like that. It's not nice. Killing any animal is not nice. We just do it humanely as possible. We use high powered rifles, and we conduct ourselves very professionally, you know. We don't want to see any animals suffer."


As he says the about quote, you plainly see footage playing of a "fisherman" with a long pointed club, also known as a hackapik, run across the ice flows towards a Harp seal, and bash it over the head several times with the blunt end of the stick, and then they flip it over and impale it with the hooked end.

Not even thirty seconds later into the video, a man named Jack, who has apparently been hunting seals for more than fifty years. Now Jacky boy and his colleagues here seems to think that marine mammals are no more than just another type of fish, and can't seem to understand WORLDWIDE opposition. I don't know, why would someone oppose to the barbaric killing strategies these "fisherman" have? Well maybe it has to do with the fact that MANY seals are left to suffer on the ice flows, after either being shot, or savagely clubbed over the skull, also known as blunt force trauma, if you watch CSI. You don't believe this happens? Well watch this video. TRUST ME PEOPLE, they leave them there in agony.


Start it at 1:50 on the video. Eat your heart out.

The total allowable catch for Harp seal in 2009 was set at 280,000, slightly up from the year previous. Hunters don't always catch as many as they are allowed to, but they are also sometimes allowed to EXCEED the pre-season quota.

The seal hunt is to benefit Canada. It landed the Federal Government more than 16.5 million dollars in the year 2005. The Federal Government also aknowledges that it has laid over 200 charges against sealers since 1996.

This is a quote taken from CBC News Canada...

"The IFAW describes the contribution of sealing to Newfoundland's GDP as "trivial" and says after costs and indirect subsidies are taken into account (patrolling the hunt, upgrading plants, promoting the hunt, developing new markets for seal products and supporting research to find new products), Canadians would "likely find that the hunt actually costs the Canadian taxpayer money."
It's a pointless activity, in the view of the IFAW, which says, 'the only economically valuable part of the seal is its fur, a non-essential luxury product that no one really needs.'"


There also is the argument that the seal hunt is good because the seals eat Cod. If you didn't know already, Codfish is to be added to the World Wildlife Foundation's list of endangered species. The main reason Cod populations have become threatened is due to overfishing. They have actually launched the program ORCA (the Ocean's Rocovery Campaign) in an effort to save the species.


Seals do eat Cod, but they also eat other fish that prey upon Cod. Seals don't overfish for profit either. We do.

Honestly, I could write about this issue until the cows come home, but writing about the issue only helps in raising awareness. Preventative action needs to be taken so this won't happen again. I understand that the seal hunt is an important part of the income, livelihood, and longtime tradition of the Atlantic Canadians.

If I am ever battling in my heart with what is right and what is wrong I look for help from the Bible.

Lets look at Genesis. In verse 1, you see the start of creation. God starts to develop the relationship between animal and man. As rulers of the Earth, God gives us the authority of all the Earth. But if you have seen Spiderman, you know that with great power, comes great responsibility... Man is to use, and take care of the earth. This means that man is to assume the control and protection of all that God had created.

However in Genesis 9, there is a change in the relationship between man and animal. Animals were not food before the fall of mankind. God also instills fear into animals at this point. Animals are used to fill the needs of men. However, God continues His command in verse two to watch over these animals.

lets take a look at Proverbs 12:10...

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

If man truly understood the command to be caretakers of the earth, animal cruelty would not exist.